Boss Fight Tips

Having trouble with those pesky bosses? They’re not that tough if you know what you’re doing (unless you’re playing on Diabolic difficulty – good luck).

The first thing you need to know is that bosses are completely invulnerable to attack while they’re attacking you. So fight off their projectiles until you see the jewel on their head begin to glow. But be careful! That means they’re about to hit you with an extremely powerful super attack that will damage all of your characters. You can stop this attack though!

Just tap on the jewel as fast as you can and the power up field will shrink. Do it enough times and their attack will be blocked. If you’re not successful at this all of your characters will take extreme damage. Either way part of the boss will now be vulnerable. Look for the the glowing/pulsing part and tap away! Keep this pattern up till all of the bosses parts are destroyed to end the stage. Note that some bosses have more parts to destroy than others.

One last note: Are your little guys on fire/frozen/squished/etc? If you get hit with a super attack then your adorable little aliens will have a damage effect on them that does damage over time. Simply shake your iDevice to return them to normal and stop the damage.

Now that you know how to defeat the evil bosses of Orbital Bombardment, go forth and conquer.

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